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Karin Nemri

Karin Nemri is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Aiijii Healer and lecturer as well as a certified Domestic Violence Counselor with an Associate’s Degree in Human Services.   She has volunteered hundreds of hours of her time with hospice in various nursing homes since 1996. In 2000 she became the chairperson of the Connecticut Affiliate of The Twilight Brigade: Compassion in Action, and organized and co-facilitated training for hospice volunteers. ¬†Karin also served on the steering committee of the Hospice-Veterans Partnership of Connecticut and was active in The Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care, The Connecticut Emergency Crisis Response Team/Spiritual Division, was the Ombudsman for a local nursing home, as well as a member of the Connecticut Holistic Health Organization. She has been the Secretary/Treasurer of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc. since 2006 and is also the current Webmaster for that organization

Karin first became interested in death and dying after a near death experience in 1971 when she was 15.  After years processing what had happened to her, researching the transition from one life to another and aware of the energy system that surrounds us, she became intrigued with the concept of energy healing and became certified as a Reiki practitioner.

Knowing that the principles of all energy healing is based on activity that is invisible, she often wondered if there was a way to prove that Spiritual forces are working with us and helping us to manifest what we need.
Her belief that "All thoughts are prayers and all prayers are answered", was validated when she was blessed with a way to show people what is normally unseen.

Karin’s faith and complete trust in God was strong. Then one day she discovered that she suddenly became gifted in a special way. While administering an energy healing treatment, the subtle energies of a Spiritual force become entangled with her energy field. Her hands begin moving by the force of Spirit! ¬† Realizing that this was the answer to her prayers, she is now able to demonstrate how the universe uses its subtle energies to manifest new effects and promote healing.  This method gives people an opportunity to witness some of what is happening invisibly "behind the veil" on higher vibrational planes, thus giving people a concrete way to have a Spiritual understanding of healing.  God has also blessed her in another way by allowing her to hear and communicate with spiritual life forms from the higher vibrational planes.

From that point on, Karin’s whole life has been "turned right-side up" and she uses her blessings to help others, whether it be with counseling sessions, healing sessions, lecture/presentations or preparing someone for the transition.

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