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What is Channeling?

Channeling is a process of communication of a non-physical Entity that expresses itself through a human individual. Communications between Entities in the Spiritual Realm use energy forms. In order to have direct communication to the physical world, energy forms of higher vibrational frequencies must be blended with physical energy (of lower vibrational frequencies) The process of channeling involves a Spirit Entity working with a human vehicle who has qualities about his/her energy field that will allow the Spitit Entity to blend into it.  When the blended energies mutually engage, it  creates a way to force communication that can be brought from the Spiritual Realm to the physical world. Entities wishing to communicate are Ascended Masters, Guides, helpers, or people who have passed from the physical world.

There are various methods of channeling, such as direct voice, in which the Spirit Entity speaks through the channeler’s voice-box, or automatic writing in which the Spirit Entity takes advantage of a pen and paper or keyboard by “borrowing” the channeler’s hands. During direct voice channel, Spirit Guides often will allow their own personalities to come through by changing the mediums voice in tone and pace to match their own energy. Their personalities can also be seen in the form of facial expressions. During the process, the medium may be in full trance, or in other altered states of consciousness.

Another way that Spirit Entities communicate is by giving the medium impressions via feelings, visions or other senses that he must then interpret and convey. 

There is nothing unusual about Spirit Guides offering assistance in the physical world; however, communicating through voice channeling is slightly out of the ordinary. Guides are happy when this option is made available to them because sometimes they find that their “clients” don’t always recognize Heavenly help. A Guide's role is to help people move along the path that will lead them to their life purpose. A Guide does this by offering options to show us different ways of looking at situations and relationships, however, they most often use more conventional ways of communicating, such as through dreams, meditative moments or by setting up "coincidences" for us, and hoping that we will understand their messages.

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