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Spiritual counseling recognizes and incorporates a Higher Power at the center of life and also recognizes the energetic connections between ourselves and others. Spiritual counseling has very little to do with religion although some people might frame it that way. It has more to do with helping people to connect to their authentic selves and encouraging them to see their value in the world as it pertains to their life path. 

Spiritual Counseling integrates the Spirit with the mind and body. In order to heal it is necessary to go back to the part of yourself where Spirit resides. Spirit is the solid foundation with which you have to build upon. The goal of Spiritual counseling is to bring you back home to yourself. Through spiritual counseling you will learn to reframe and understand your life situations from a more inclusive perspective, such as in understanding and applying the gifts that come from challenges. By following the guidelines and direction of Spirit, you can recognize what lies dormant in your heart and bring it to a place of active involvement in your life. By understanding the natural energy force of the universe you will allow this to happen.

 In a spiritual counseling session you will learn how to fix things from within by adjusting your beliefs and attitudes about yourself and discovering where they came from so that you may manifest change externally. When you understand the difference between what you have in your heart and what you have in your mind, you will be better able to bring your heart's desires into fruition.



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