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Individual Sessions

What should I expect?

All sessions are 90 minutes long and begin with an Aiijii healing treatment.  This will take 20-30 minutes. You will sit or lie down in a comfortable recliner chair. Karin will silently ask God that she be used a conduit for Divine Healing Energy. While she is doing this, a team of loving Spiritual Beings will absorb the Divine Energy into their own energetic makeup and then move into position in Karin’s energy field. They will then be able to “borrow” her hands to begin blending the Divine energies with your energetic body. This will start the process of healing in a way that can be Spiritual, emotional and/or physical, or any combination of the three. As your energy field is realigned, it will create an environment for the body to begin healing itself.

While this is taking place, the team will assess your energy field and determine the areas of focus for the counseling portion of the session, which is the next step in furthering the healing process, because blockages in the chakras (or energy centers) are the result of negative energy immobilized by unresolved issues.


The counseling portion of the session will take place in the remaining hour and is conducted by both Karin's Guides and your Guides.  They will communicate via voice channel and may change the voice in both pace and tone to match their own energy.  Their personalities may also be seen in facial expressions. 
In your dialogue with the Guides discussing the areas of concern, you will also gain an understanding of how the physical world integrates with the Spiritual Realm and how situations, both good and bad,  manifest from the energy vibrations of your emotional body.

Past Life Regressions

The Guides and Karin will enter into the "energy space" of the lifetime to be explored to gather information.  When that process is completed, the Guides will then analyze the information collected, and compare it to your present lifetime to help you resolve present issues.

Phone Sessions

Phone sessions use PayPal. Email Karin for details and to set an appointment.



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