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What is Aiijii?

Aiijii is the Energy System that is utilized in the Realm of Spirit and is now showing itself in the physical world through a demonstrative energy healing method.  Aiijii is a system of manipulating and blending subtle energies that help to create and manifest what we need and want in our lives.

Aiijii Healing

Energy healing is a spiritually guided approach to healing in which your energy field is realigned. Subtle energies of a positive nature are transferred from the Universal Source to the client. To accomplish this, Spiritual life-forms surround, interpenetrate and interact with the practitioner’s energy field, and then use the practitioner as a vehicle to channel the energies from the Spiritual planes, which are of a higher vibrational frequency to the lower vibrational frequencies of the physical plane. The practitioner, or conduit, then purposefully directs the manipulated energies to help another person.

In Aiijii Healing, the Spiritual life-forms, also known as  Healing Guides, blend their own energy bodies into the energy field of the practitioner, enabling them to ‘borrow” the practitioner’s body and physically move the hands to manipulate and blend energies together. This allows the client to actually see what is normally invisible during an energy healing treatment. The Aiijii method of healing gives people a concrete way to have Spiritual understanding of healing by showing some of what is going on “behind the veil”.

This demonstrative healing method utilizes the expression “Seeing is Believing” and supports the findings gathered in a randomized clinical trial by Raymond F Palmer and his colleagues. Their aim was to “investigate the relevance of interpersonal belief factors as modifiers of the effectiveness of intercessory prayer” on a variety of health outcomes.  They found that the results of their study “underscore the role of interpersonal belief in prayer efficacy and are consistent with the literature showing the relevance that belief has in health and well-being in general.” 

 As we watch the Healing Guides work, we are reminded of the miracles that can occur when there is complete faith and trust in God. We can actually witness how we, in the physical world, work with those in the Spiritual Realm to bring about energetic changes that create emotional changes that can then materialize into physical changes.

All healing is a miracle – whether the healing is emotional, spiritual or physical. All healing is a miracle - whether doctors achieve it using conventional science or whether God accomplishes it using invisible Spiritual assistants. Aiijii gives you a glimpse of how God does it.  As the mysteries of God and the universe become unlocked through paranormal expression, rewiring ourselves in Spirituality becomes easier.

Combining an Aiijii Healing with Spiritual Counseling will create an environment for you to begin to heal yourself so that you can move forward in your life journey.

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