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In this presentation, I will offer a new perspective of creation by intertwining the psychological characteristics charted in the anatomy of the chakra system with the stories in the book of Genesis. In addition, attendees will also see, as outlined in the Quran, that the path of Mohammed’s ascension to the “Seven Heavens” where he met with the prophets who came before him, depicts the same wisdom for personal growth. 

While I am speaking, to give the audience an idea of the invisible activities occurring in the energy system in which we function, and from which these great books have derived, I will demonstrate, via the Aiijii healing method, the workings of the unseen.   For those who may be skeptical or fearful of the scientifically unproven, this demonstration is meant to encourage them to re-evaluate their fears and doubt.  It is my hope that it will present some concrete evidence of the existence of a spiritual force, and shed some light on the miracles of Heaven, while, at the same time, remind everyone that we are all in this together, and are all connected as one.

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