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As physicists search for a theory of unification or a “theory of everything” that includes life, mind, and consciousness, nature continues to go about its business creating and expanding its own reality.  So much goes on behind the backs of scientists in the invisible realm of Spirit. 
After having had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Spiritual Realm by way of a near-death experience, I have been able to come to an understanding of the workings of other planes of reality and the beings that function there
In this presentation I will share the experience that I had with my father during that last two months of his life as he shifted back and forth between the physical world and the Realm of Spirit.
His interactions with Spirit beings who helped him to resolve past issues and bring meaning and closure to his life here on earth not only afforded me an opportunity to bond with him at a deep level, but also validated what I had previously been shown about our eternal existence and awesome energy system of multiple planes.
Inter-dimensional travel is not limited only to the dying time and physical death.  It can also occur at any time even before the end of physical life as long as the energetic body is vibrating at such a frequency as to partially disengage from its physical counterpart. I will bring to light the link between the altered states of consciousness during dreams, meditation and the dying process that sometimes exposes what lies beyond the veil of physicality.
For visual effects, I will, as I always do, administer a healing treatment to an audience member using the demonstrative Aiijii healing Method, which allows people to see what goes on invisibly on other vibrational planes during an energy healing treatment, providing evidence of life beyond the veil.

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