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I was a very troubled 15 year-old tormented from my addiction to anorexia and bulimia and finally, unintentionally, starved myself to death. I soon found myself floating above a lifeless, 85 pound body.  What happened next changed my life forever.  The trip to heaven and back awarded me a new perspective on life and on the awesome meaning of eternity.  But that was just the beginning of a long journey.

In this presentation I will share what I gained from my unexpected trip home. But with it came the difficult task of finding ways to integrate my newly discovered spiritual self with the physical parts that I was not too fond of.  Lessons about faith, trust and humility opened the lines of communication with spiritual entities who I have come to know as my Guides. My guides lead me through many months of re-experiencing the painful situations in my life so that I could release the negative emotions that had held me in bondage.  This set me free for a new and exciting phase of my life’s journey—the path to find meaning and purpose to expose my personal mission.

As I share my story, attendees will witness Aiijii healing, in which Spirit entities blend their own energy bodies into my energy field, enabling them to use my body and physically move my hands to manipulate and blend subtle energies together. This allows the client to actually see what is normally invisible during an energy healing treatment. The Aiijii method of healing gives us a concrete way to have Spiritual understanding of healing.


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